It’s easy to give up in this life

Easy to waste your life away

To leave it all and not have any goals

But we get a reason and make the race worthy

I sometimes contemplate the choices l made

Think about the route that l chose to take

And realize I’m doing it for me

That my goal is uncertain but my faith isn’t

I lean in on the weights that give me balance

Take a breather and reevaluate my scores

It’s easy to get lost on a misty night

But harder to pick a road on a sunny day

Think about it for a minute

Would you rather live with smoke screens

Or clear it all up and lay in your bed

Roses or guns either way l will leave tonight


As l watch my shadows demise

I suddenly realize

My life filled of lies

Has nothing but been a dime

So why am l in denial

Of inevitability that cries

I am but an empire

That will never die

A crowd l don’t jest

For tomorrow they may be my best

But alone I’m at my best

for it is when l rest

Indeed my soul is waste

But only so is God’s descent

My salvation lays in his scent

One inhale and I’m a saint


Wallow not in my fall

A noose is but a knot

Tied to my soul hence I cry not

In times of peril it’s but a mercy

For my cries have gone unheard

Demi gods, heathen ones and he Hades

All but not have heard my pleading knees

Rot from the toil and the burden

To keep but a morsel on my dining’s table

A child born still l do still keep

For one day her cries my pierce the wind

What left me but a sore limb

From the graves dug beside my lover and kin

One last plea l give to thee

Please lords above let her cry absolve my sin

For it’s only fair her knot may bring me peace.


The gift

Spew me your thoughts regardless of the gore in ponder.

Awe struck as the childless widow’s head is bashed open by a priest, with a mallet at the alter as perish dwellers watch with pitch forks in cheer.

Holding up gorged babies spewing with maggots on an earth soaked with blood from the merciless rape of virgins by old men drooling pus.

Mindless infants smile as they are cradled by the Dullahan.

Summer banshee’s screech as the midwife wretch out their wombs abounding with limbs and forearms of the undead.

By Elle


It’s ironic how time flaunts us with moments yet we fail to grasp the finest of the cartridges left behind. The cadres that fall in the war to our destiny faded in the loony past forgotten for their bravery which where stepping stones and shields to devils mounting the gold folds on the horizon . We sweep up the shards into an abyss yet we yearn the creation of priceless miners that we have and lose as their last breathe is in the mine of our happiness


Relentless nights of un witted ponder ravaged with cringed frenzies screeching to the saline borders of yet another opiated sea. Bleak waves insure the cascading mills churn to the lonely moons loom. In an oblique sky my stance askew the blue linen blanket that yields thine voices hither my head ,yet resurrection is intrinsically subdued . In a vex the stare unchanged yet diversely coerced by twists and turns life happens while plans are forged


As l gaze into her eyes l see shadows

Boards of untold stories yet to unfold

Her tears shimmer as dimes dipped in gold

With a smile so warm it makes a winter day yawn

Her hands cold they seethe of pain

And her heart drums of the summer festive churns

Her breathe heaves of nature’s sweetest air

As she holds the key to my dooms day lair

A voice so heavenly l only can despair

As her thoughts of me be not fair

The kisses she blows rattles my air

Her soul so sweet it’s the devils pair

First blog post

The stay.

Incestuous foxes filled hither with slime

rocks blunt on arrows thrown backwards

like a rising sunset it blinds

spilling shadows to the sun

rotting the core of Angels

demonic cries rising from heaven

with Gods hand gorged in Satan’s eye

fumes filling the earth

giving no hid to death

as life renders despicable

to be just not be

making a frenzied stampede

for the devils coil around the neck

drenched in splattered blood

that reeks of death alive